Who We Are

We believe that higher education should involve practical, hands-on learning and career preparation.

TWC helps students – especially those from underrepresented backgrounds – translate their majors into meaningful careers by putting their classroom learning to work for businesses and organizations across the country.

Students are accepted to the program through our partnerships with more than 650 colleges and universities and typically receive academic credit toward their degree.

Students are placed in an internship through our network of more than 600 employers; others attend intensive seminars that give them exclusive access to thought leaders and industry experts.

Students who take part in our in-person programs live and attend career readiness sessions in TWC’s Residential and Academic Facility in Washington, D.C.

This experience gave me the confidence needed to believe in myself and make me see that I can be somebody, despite my background and being a first-generation college student.

Tevin Ali, Florida Atlantic University, interned at STEM Connector.