Academic Courses

Classroom learning in a real-world context.

One night each week, you’ll take an academic course. You’ll choose a course from a variety of options, so you can fulfill a requirement for your major or delve deep into something you’ve always been interested in.

Many of our course instructors bring a mix of academic and professional experience, so they are great to learn from and network with.

"My communications course focused on the volatile nature of social media and the challenges companies can face when managing their reputation. Thanks to the experiences gained from this course, I’ll be more aware of possible communication crises that can arise."

Lauren Munroe, interned at D.C. Bar Foundation.

Commonly offered courses at TWC

  • Forensic Psychology
  • International Business: Case Studies in Trade Management
  • International Organizations and Humanitarian Law
  • Mass Media & American Politics
  • Political Psychology
  • Research & Writing
  • Security and Peace in International Relations
  • U.S. Foreign Policy

I realized that I can influence policy while tapping into my creative side. I’ve also learned how to network, what to ask in informational interviews and how to advocate for myself.”

Lauren Hickey, interned at The Charles Group consulting firm