Academic Courses

Classroom learning in a real-world context.

Our goal is to provide you with an integrated work and academic experience, and the academic course is a key part of the overall learning experience.

Through a TWC course, you could fulfill a requirement for your major, delve deep into something you’ve always been interested in or experience a class you could only find in D.C.

Why should I take a TWC course?

Our courses are taught by professionals who are experts in their fields, so they provide wonderful networking opportunities!

These courses are designed to help you step back from your daily work and reflect through an academic lens on broader aspects of your experience. They are grounded in traditional disciplines, yet are taught within the context of the wide array of resources available in Washington, D.C.

"I had the pleasure of taking the Crisis Communications course. This course focused on the volatile nature of social media and the challenges companies face when social media attacks. Ultimately, I want to pursue a career in publishing. Thanks to the experiences gained from my course, I’ll be more aware of possible crises that may arise when working with a sensitive project or content leaks."

Lauren E. Munroe, from Bridgewater State University (MA), interned at D.C. Bar Foundation. Read her story here.

Commonly offered courses at TWC

American Politics and Social Sciences

  • Scandalous Washington
  • The Death Penalty
  • Political Psychology

Business and Administration

  • Essentials for Aspiring Leaders
  • International Business: Case Studies in Strategic Trade Management

Media and Communications

  • Crisis Communications
  • Media Management

International Affairs

  • Conflict, Security and Peace in International Relations
  • International Organizations and Humanitarian Law


  • Research & Writing

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