Having a hard time figuring out what career path is right for you? Or maybe you already know and want to test-drive your dream job? Regardless of where you stand, we’ve got you covered.

The Washington Center (TWC) is the largest and most established student internship program in Washington, D.C. Since 1975, we’ve helped college students like you navigate and launch their careers through good and tough times.

Your college or university knows how important it is for you to graduate with the tools, network and skills you need to thrive in the workforce. That’s why they’ve partnered with TWC so you can spend a semester or summer term interning in D.C., working with a dedicated team of career advisors and professionals to develop a solid career plan.

PLUS: We make this experience part of your academic work so you can earn credit and still graduate on time.

A semester or summer with TWC is so much more than just an internship. Our program consists of three main components designed to help you thrive in the workforce of the future:



Our network of 400+ employers are vetted to ensure you'll get hands-on, substantive work to give you a competitive edge in the job market.


Career readiness

Our professional development programming is designed to complement your internship and help you ace the job search.


Academic course

Our courses are held once a week. Each is taught by an industry expert who will help you connect your academic work to the real world.

There's no better place to start your career journey than Washington, D.C.

D.C. is the home of an impressive business community, and multi-lateral, non-profit, and governmental organizations with a global reach. There is no doubt that you will be working alongside important people on important issues.

Plus, with the addition of our virtual internship experience, we are able to bring the D.C. experience to students across the United States.

If moving to D.C. is not an option, we can come to you.

We recognize moving to D.C. for a semester is not a viable option for everyone right now. We are excited to offer a variety of options* for participating, ensuring equal access to our quality professional experience for students everywhere.

*TWC’s programming and academic courses will be offered virtually throughout the public health emergency. We’ll return to offering in-person career readiness programming and courses as soon as conditions allow. The program options above are available pending approval of your university.