Department of Navy HBCU/MI Post-Doctoral Program

Receive a 2-year appointment conducting state-of-the-art scientific research through the Department of Navy HBCU/MI Post-Doctoral Program

If you’re a recent graduate (within 2 years) of a Ph.D. program at a Historically Black College or University, or Minority Institution, here’s a valuable opportunity to work with one of the Nation's leading multidisciplinary science and technology programs in Washington, D.C.

Work alongside world-renowned scientists and engineers in Washington, D.C. at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) to strengthen America's naval defense. Your specialized research will focus on the advancement of science and technology for applications relevant to the Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Navy (DoN) and NRL mission specific areas with the potential to make a significant impact in the scientific and global community. During this two-year post-doctoral program, you will conduct research with specific target goals and objectives. Research projects span the full spectrum of STEM disciplines, allowing you to enhance your professional skills.

This unique post-doctoral program offers competitive annual salary along with select benefit packages and relocation costs up to $5,000 (if necessary).

Note: annual selection of Program Fellow is subject to availability of funding from DoN sponsor.

You are a:

Recent graduate (within 1-2 years) of a PhD program at an HBCU, MSI, or Tribal College/University, interested in continuing your research at the Post-Doctoral level.

You’ll receive:

$86,335 annual salary (pending annual review) with select benefit package and relocation costs up to $5,000

You’ll benefit from:

Research project focused on target goals and objectives, spanning the full spectrum of STEM disciplines. Under the guidance of a principle investigator at the NRL, you’ll enhance your research area of expertise and professional skills.

“This internship has been rewarding in so many ways. By the end of the summer internship I was accepted into a Pathways Internship at NIST and I am sure that this internship played a key part in me getting this opportunity. I look forward to applying to the Post-doc positions at NRL in the future and hopefully becoming a Civil servant at NRL.”

Samuel Escobar